Amid controversy, is it a cultural or a religious symbol?
The French Council of State upholds the decision to ban the “abaya” in public schools

October 8, 2023

The French Council of State approved the decision to ban the wearing of the abaya in schools, rejecting the appeal submitted by the Association “Action for the Rights of Muslims” (ADM), amid accusations by human rights bodies that the government is practicing cultural discrimination against minorities. A statement by the Council of State said on […]

After it was banned for 18 years
Teachers are allowed to wear hijab in classrooms in Berlin

October 4, 2023

German authorities confirmed that the state of Berlin will allow Muslim teachers to wear the hijab in the capital’s schools, after more than 18 years of ban. The Ministry of Education in Berlin said, in an official letter sent to school principals, that the hijab and the wearing of religious symbols by teachers will be […]

The left considered it an attack on liberty
France bans wearing the Islamic abaya in public schools in defense of secularism

October 3, 2023

The French government considered the controversial decision of National Education Minister Gabriel Attal to ban the wearing of the abaya in public schools as a response to the need to confront a “political attack” targeting secularism, as well as to the demand of school principals, who called for issuing clear directives on this issue. French […]

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