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Refugees leave the Green Party over accepting the “reform” of the European asylum system

January 11, 2024

Media outlets reported that a group of refugees resigned from membership in the Green Party in protest against the party leaders’ approval of an agreement to “reform” the European asylum system, noting that the agreement amounts to a “historic betrayal” of the Greens’ policies towards immigration, and a step on the path to rapprochement with […]

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A German state bans the deportation of Yazidi women and children to northern Iraq, and the Greens support it

January 9, 2024

A German state announced a ban on the deportation of Yazidi women and children, given that their conditions in northern Iraq are still “worrying” and they lack the necessary protection, amid political demands to ban the deportation of this group in all German states. Josephine Paul, Minister of Refugee Affairs in the state of North […]

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Germany: Political controversy following a proposal to restrict asylum policies

September 21, 2023

The ruling coalition in Germany expressed its rejection of a proposal by leading elements of the conservative bloc in Parliament, calling for the adoption of strict policies towards immigrants, in light of the increasing influx of asylum seekers into the country. Jens Spahn, a member of the Presidium of the German Bavarian Christian Social Party […]

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German Employment Agency: 10% unemployment rate among refugees in Berlin… The Greens: Government failure

September 18, 2023

The Federal Employment Agency indicated that the unemployment rate among refugees in the German capital, Berlin, has increased to approximately 10%, at a time when Germany is suffering from a labor shortage, which the Green Party considered a “governmental failure” par excellence. According to the agency’s regional data on employment in the context of refugee […]

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Germany: A new citizenship law that reduces the period of required residency and allows dual citizenship awaits parliamentary approval

September 14, 2023

In an interesting development, the German Cabinet approved a new draft law to facilitate the naturalization process by reducing the required bureaucratic procedures, and finally allowing dual citizenship. The law still needs Parliament’s approval to enter into force. Under the law, which was approved by the federal government on Wednesday, August 23, foreign persons who […]

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German Interior Minister proposes the deporting of clan members in violation of the law! A categorical rejection of the Green Party

August 27, 2023

German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser of the Social Democratic Party proposed deporting members of “criminal” Arab clans even without committing a crime, which sparked widespread controversy in human rights circles. The draft paper notes that “members of organized crime communities” can lose their right to residency “regardless if they have a criminal conviction.” A spokesman […]

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