Syrian refugees hold a “joint art exhibition” in the Netherlands entitled “Love brings us together”

January 25, 2024

Media outlets reported that six Syrian refugee painters held a “joint art exhibition” in the Netherlands, which was widely followed by the public, while the painters confirmed that art is capable of uniting people, despite the abundant differences throughout the world. The Dutch newspaper “Tubantia” mentioned in a report that the Syrian refugees Barsaum Barsauma, […]

Human rights activists considered it a “historic failure”: The European Union reaches an agreement on reforming the immigration system

January 7, 2024

European Parliaments and European Union member states reached an agreement on reforming the immigration system after long and arduous negotiations, but human rights organizations considered that “this agreement constitutes a historic failure” and “will cause more deaths at sea.” On December 19, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen praised this “historic agreement” on the […]

Hague Municipality: The situation in Ter Apel reception center for asylum seekers is “extremely dangerous”

December 18, 2023

The municipality of The Hague stated that the situation of refugees in the center for asylum seekers in Ter Apel is deteriorating significantly due to the overcrowding in large numbers exceeding its capacity, which threatens refugees with the danger of sleeping in the open, at a time when the extreme right-wing and anti-immigration intensification, Geert […]

Anti-immigrant and anti-Islam
The far-right Party for Freedom wins the Dutch legislative elections

December 14, 2023

The far-right, anti-Islam Party for Freedom (PVV) won 37 seats in the Dutch legislative elections, after almost all the votes were counted, which constituted a “shock to Europe,” given its positions in favor of leaving the European Union and its promises to impose major restrictions on asylum and immigration. Nationalist and far-right leaders across Europe […]

Netherlands speeds up Palestinian family reunification procedures

December 11, 2023

The Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service has begun taking measures to speed up the procedures for reuniting Palestinian families in the Netherlands with their relatives in Gaza, due to the danger to life there, in light of the ongoing Israeli bombing for 44 days, amid demands to set a short and binding time limit for […]

Despite the Rise of Radical Currents
6 European Countries are Ideal for Refugees… Sweden and Germany Come to the Forefront

November 26, 2023

By: Seif Ali In response to the emergence of far-right parties and their anti-immigrant stance, the right-wing and centrist parties in many European countries have adopted anti-immigration measures in an attempt to snatch victory from the jaws of radicals. The competition between these political currents that tighten and limit immigration has become in full swing. […]

Amid criticism from human rights defenders
Britain: First group of asylum seekers arrives onboard the barge “Bibby Stockholm”

August 29, 2023

The British authorities transferred the first group of irregular immigrants to the “Bibby Stockholm” barge, amid condemnation by associations and organizations, which said that the barge was no suitable place for asylum seekers and survivors of war, terrorism and torture. Buses were seen arriving at the port of Portland, with people carrying bags on board, […]

The most prominent manifestations of Islamophobia in Amsterdam… Discrimination at work, hate campaigns, and the persecution of women who wear hijab

August 17, 2023

A recent study revealed that Muslims in Amsterdam are regularly discriminated against and feel that Islamophobia is becoming increasingly normalized in society. Participants in the study gave several examples of the manifestations of discrimination against Muslims in the Dutch capital, Amsterdam, such as difficulties finding work because of their religion, the spread of hate speech […]

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