Despite Opposition from the Greens, Brandenburg Plans to Grant Asylum Seekers €50 in Cash

June 4, 2024

After approving the introduction of payment cards for asylum seekers at the level of all states, the state of Brandenburg – the 1st state to distribute payment cards – plans to decide the amount to be €50 per month for an adult and €25 for a child. This comes despite the objection from the Greens […]

Increase of the Naturalization Rate in Germany, and Syrians are at the Forefront

May 26, 2024

A new report from the Federal Statistical Office of Germany has revealed a significant increase in naturalization in both Brandenburg and Berlin in 2023 compared to 2022, and that the number of people who obtained German citizenship in Brandenburg last year more than doubled compared to the year before. According to Federal Statistical Office of […]

Fears of an Increase in the Number of Missing Minor Refugees in Europe

May 19, 2024

Data research from the International Journalists Network, which includes Radio Berlin-Brandenburg, has revealed that the number of missing minors in Europe, who are refugees, has reached 51,000, including more than 2,000 in Germany. The disappearance of young refugees occurs during the waiting period for registration, and the International Journalists Network attributed this to the European […]

Ukrainian Refugees Among the Least Employed in Germany

May 12, 2024

An investigative report by David Zagones on a daily news website sheds light on the challenges of integrating Ukrainian refugees into the German labor market. It highlights that many refugees prioritize learning German before seeking employment, with a significant number attending language courses up to five times a week. However, despite these efforts, a majority […]

32 refugees survive a refugee housing fire in the Black Forest

March 17, 2024

32 refugees survived a massive fire, which broke out in a home for young refugees in the Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald district. The fire led to the house being completely engulfed in flames, and the police estimated the losses at hundreds of thousands of euros. Residents near the house had notified the fire department after seeing smoke rising […]

With more than 700 companies, German Minister of Labor inaugurates a conference to attract skilled workers

March 12, 2024

The German government launched a conference with the aim of searching for skilled workers. The German Labor Minister said that his country needs more skilled workers to enhance its capabilities as the third-strongest economy in the world. “Securing access to skilled labor means ensuring prosperity,” Labor Minister Hubertus Heil told the German News Agency before the […]

Germany is getting ready to welcome the month of Ramadan

March 10, 2024

Top German newspapers have paid attention to the approaching month of Ramadan, which creates a special atmosphere for German Muslims and new refugees, and published many reports and articles explaining the nature of this month and its importance for Muslims in Germany, especially immigrants and refugees, as the percentage of Muslims in Germany is approximately […]

The Mediterranean swallowed 289 children during 2023, and UNICEF calls for solutions

March 5, 2024

UN reports showed that the scope of exploitation and death among the displaced and those forcibly leaving their countries is expanding more and more, especially among women and children, who are the weakest link, noting that the Mediterranean Sea swallowed 289 children during the past year. In its official reports, UNICEF indicated that the number […]

France: The number of asylum applications has reached record levels in 2023, and Afghans are at the forefront

February 18, 2024

The French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons (Ofpra) announced that it had received “142,500 applications for international protection, including 123,400 asylum applications for the first time” during the year 2023, which represents an unprecedented increase in the number of asylum applications in France. Afghans represented the largest number of asylum seekers […]

The decline of democracy forces them to flee… 17 Tunisian immigrants are missing off the shores of Italy

February 15, 2024

Tunisian authorities considered at least 17 Tunisians missing after they boarded a boat to immigrate to Italy. Reuters reported, citing Tunisian authorities, that among the missing were two minor children and a woman. Those fleeing Tunisia were considered illegal immigrants, while a Tunisian activist explained that the increase in illegal immigration from Tunisia comes as […]

The European far-right is “reviewing” its positions on immigration due to the need for 43 million public workers

February 4, 2024

Media outlets reported that despite the strict laws issued by European countries to obstruct the flow of immigrants, the right and extreme right are currently reviewing their positions on immigration, under pressure from businessmen, noting that the Italian Prime Minister and the Hungarian Prime Minister are allowing the reception of new immigrants after having built […]

Following an attempt to reach Italy: 40 Tunisians lost in the Mediterranean

February 1, 2024

The Tunisian Coast Guard announced that about forty Tunisian irregular migrants, who were trying to reach Italy by sea, had been missing for 5 days, while the International Organization for Migration indicated that the number of people who drowned in the Mediterranean Sea while trying to reach Europe increased during the year 2023 by 60 […]

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