Human rights objections against Serbia forcing Syrian migrants to return to Macedonia “almost naked” in near-freezing temperatures

March 4, 2024

Video recordings showed semi-naked Syrian migrants forced to return to Macedonia by Serbian border guards, days after the border cooperation summit between the European Union and Serbia. Human rights organizations considered this a violation of international laws, and demanded an urgent investigation, according to media reports. The two recordings published by the Guardian, on Thursday, […]

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Even though the borders are closed…
18 migrants arrested on the Finnish-Russian border

February 7, 2024

The Finnish authorities arrested 18 migrants, including women and children, on Finland’s closed land border with Russia, one week after the disappearance of 160 migrants who had applied for asylum in Finland. The Finnish border guard said the group was suspected of illegally crossing a forested area north of the Imatra border crossing and consisted […]

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Despite the human rights rejection, Cyprus renews its demands for the EU to declare Syria a safe zone

January 29, 2024

The Greek island of Cyprus has renewed its demands to the European Union Commission to consider Syria a safe zone, in light of the continued influx of refugees into its territory, while the United Nations and human rights bodies insist that the conditions in Syria do not allow enabling or facilitating the return of refugees. […]

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Syrian refugees hold a “joint art exhibition” in the Netherlands entitled “Love brings us together”

January 25, 2024

Media outlets reported that six Syrian refugee painters held a “joint art exhibition” in the Netherlands, which was widely followed by the public, while the painters confirmed that art is capable of uniting people, despite the abundant differences throughout the world. The Dutch newspaper “Tubantia” mentioned in a report that the Syrian refugees Barsaum Barsauma, […]

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While Faeser emphasized the protection of Jews
A German official calls for the deportation of “dangerous Islamists” to Syria and Afghanistan

December 28, 2023

Media outlets reported that the Minister of the Interior of a German state called for the return of “Islamists” who are dangerous to public security and who come from Syria and Afghanistan to their countries, while the Federal Minister stressed the need to point out that “Jewish life falls under special protection from our state.” […]

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Protesting their deportation
Yazidis go on hunger strike in front of the German Bundestag

November 16, 2023

Media outlets reported that a number of Yazidi asylum seekers have been on hunger strike for a week in front of the Bundestag headquarters in the German capital, Berlin, in protest against the decisions to deport them to Iraq. “Amal, Berlin!” website said on October 17, “Many people began a hunger strike in front of […]

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Criminals are not welcome… A Syrian was arrested in Germany on suspicion of committing “crimes against humanity”

August 20, 2023

Germany announced the arrest of a Syrian national “on strong suspicion of committing war crimes against humanity in Syria” between 2012 and 2015. German prosecutors said in a statement on August 3 that the suspect identified as “Ahmad H.” worked as a local commander of the “Shabiha” militia integrated into the National Defense Militia in […]

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