About us

East West is a website by “East-West Foundation for Rights and Freedoms”, which is a non-profit association, which aims to consolidate the human rights and freedoms of immigrants and Arab expatriates in Germany, Europe and the Western world in general.
East West provides, in addition to information, news and opinion, testimonies and experiences of expatriates, refugees or immigrants, about their experience in this part of the world, whether it is bad or successful.
East West also seeks to activate dialogue and cultural exchange between Egyptian and Arab immigrants and refugees and European, especially German, communities, through the exchange of experiences and the development of cross-border cultural ideas and projects. The first focus is on the intense and active participation of the younger generation.
East West also aims to help integrate residents with an Arab background into German society and immigrant receiving societies, whether in the cultural or social fields, and to help them adapt, coexist and work in European societies.
Through its work, East West seeks to discuss and evaluate laws and decisions, as well as media discourse and Western positions that affect the Arab region and its people, especially Arab expatriates.
East West relies in its work on integrity, transparency and accuracy in a way that benefits the Arab and Egyptian public residing in the West in general and in Germany in particular, in support of dialogue and coexistence based on the values ​​of democracy, justice and the rule of law.

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