Germany is getting ready to welcome the month of Ramadan

March 10, 2024

Top German newspapers have paid attention to the approaching month of Ramadan, which creates a special atmosphere for German Muslims and new refugees, and published many reports and articles explaining the nature of this month and its importance for Muslims in Germany, especially immigrants and refugees, as the percentage of Muslims in Germany is approximately […]

Following a Swedish court’s decision to deport the Iraqi refugee “the Quran burner,” fears that he will be exposed to retaliation

February 14, 2024

The Swedish Migration Court approved the decision to deport Iraqi refugee Silwan Mumika, who burned copies of the Quran more than once in the capital, Stockholm, last year, and sparked a wave of anger in the Islamic world, but the Swedish authorities fear that he will be exposed to retaliation in Iraq, if he is […]

A judicial decision to consider the youth organization of the right-wing AfD party as an “extremist” movement

February 13, 2024

A state court in Germany declared that German intelligence services classified the youth organization affiliated with the far-right Alternative for Germany party as a confirmed extremist movement, after a series of angry demonstrations over a far-right plan, woven at night, and recently exposed, to expel foreigners from Germany. The Cologne Administrative Court issued the ruling […]

While Faeser emphasized the protection of Jews
A German official calls for the deportation of “dangerous Islamists” to Syria and Afghanistan

December 28, 2023

Media outlets reported that the Minister of the Interior of a German state called for the return of “Islamists” who are dangerous to public security and who come from Syria and Afghanistan to their countries, while the Federal Minister stressed the need to point out that “Jewish life falls under special protection from our state.” […]

With respect for freedom of expression
Denmark bans the burning of the Quran and any “inappropriate treatment” of religious texts

December 25, 2023

After several incidents over the summer, the Danish Parliament passed a law prohibiting “inappropriate treatment” of religious texts and practically banning the burning of the Quran, amid government assurances of commitment to ensuring freedom of opinion and expression. The bill prohibiting “inappropriate treatment of texts of significant religious importance to recognized religious communities” was passed […]

Anti-immigrant and anti-Islam
The far-right Party for Freedom wins the Dutch legislative elections

December 14, 2023

The far-right, anti-Islam Party for Freedom (PVV) won 37 seats in the Dutch legislative elections, after almost all the votes were counted, which constituted a “shock to Europe,” given its positions in favor of leaving the European Union and its promises to impose major restrictions on asylum and immigration. Nationalist and far-right leaders across Europe […]

For their solidarity with Gaza
Germany: Integration Commissioner warns of increasing racism against Muslims

November 20, 2023

Berlin’s Integration Commissioner, Katarina Niewiedzial, warned of the increase in anti-Muslim racism in the capital, noting that increasing numbers of people of Israeli origins no longer feel safe due to the war in Gaza. “I worry that the current debate is amplifying anti-Muslim racism,” Niewiedzial told the Tagesspiegel newspaper. She added: I would like the […]

Germany accuses two Syrian individuals of planning an attack on a church in Sweden in response to the burning of the Quran

October 29, 2023

German prosecutors accused two Syrian brothers of planning an ISIS-inspired attack on a church in Sweden due to incidents of Quran burning in the country. SVT channel reported that the German authorities in the German city of Hamburg brought charges against the two Syrian brothers, who were arrested in a security operation last April. According […]

Despite increasing incidence of discrimination against them
On the “Open Day”… Muslims of Germany engage in dialogue with all sects

October 24, 2023

The “Open Mosque Day” event has become an annual tradition that Islamic communities have celebrated for twenty-five years, coinciding with the Day of German unity, as an expression of the integration of the Islamic community into society, despite the high incidence of discrimination against them. German media reported that the Central Council of Muslims in […]

Germany: Unidentified persons assaulted a young man wearing an Islamic prayer cap in Neukölln

October 23, 2023

German police reported that unidentified persons assaulted a 34-year-old young man in Berlin Neukölln on the evening of Sunday, September 24, leading to his transfer to the hospital with a broken nose, in a new episode of discrimination, hatred, and anti-Muslim behaviour in Germany. The “Amal, Berlin!” website reported that the young man was hit […]

Now in 75 schools… teaching the Islamic religion in German schools

October 18, 2023

More than 3,000 students receive Islam lessons in the German state of Lower Saxony from 52 teachers qualified for this task, which places the Islamic religion lesson in second place in the state’s schools after the Christian religion as a school subject. The state Ministry of Education announced on Monday, September 18, that ten years […]

Appeasing Right-wing Parties or Defending Secularism?
Wearing Abayas Banned in France

October 1, 2023

By: Ali Taha   France kicks off the new academic year with a major political controversy triggered by the decision of Gabriel Attal, French Education Minister, on Sunday, August 28, to ban the wearing of the “abaya” in schools for being a religious symbol, infuriating large segments of Muslims, Arabs and Africans in France, as […]

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