Including Jewish intellectuals
Germany: Artists reject the link between “anti-Semitism” and government funding

January 24, 2024

Thousands of intellectuals, including Jewish thinkers, in Berlin rejected a new clause introduced by the German capital’s state government, requiring a commitment against “anti-Semitism” in order to obtain funding for cultural projects. They considered, in a petition they signed, that this clause aims to suppress defenders of Palestinian rights with the aim of silencing criticism […]

France: Prison sentence for Algerian player Youcef Atal for his solidarity with Gaza

January 16, 2024

A court in Nice in southern France sentenced Algerian football player Youcef Atal to an 8-month suspended sentence on charges of sharing “anti-Semitic content and spreading hatred based on religion” while expressing his support for Gaza at the beginning of the Israeli aggression after a surprise attack by Hamas on October 7. The ruling issued […]

With donations from those who believe in freedom of art and expression
“Oyoun” Cultural Center is waging a legal battle against the municipality of Berlin after the latter stopped its funding

December 26, 2023

The leftist cultural center “Oyoun” succeeded in raising 72 thousand euros from donors defending freedom of art in Germany to begin a legal battle against the municipality of Berlin, after the city’s Senate’s controversial decision to stop funding the center under the pretext of engaging in “anti-Semitic” activities. Media outlets reported that in order to […]

After her deportation from France
Palestinian Maryam Abu Daqqa: The events in Gaza uncovered the new “Western fascism”

November 30, 2023

Palestinian activist Maryam Abu Daqqa said that she was the victim of a fierce racist campaign that led to her deportation from France to Egypt, pointing out that the events in Gaza revealed “new Western fascism.” She stated in her speech at the solidarity conference with the Palestinian people, at the headquarters of the Egyptian […]

In a precedent
The UK cancels the visa of Egyptian journalist Moataz Matar because of his support for Gaza

November 29, 2023

The British Home Office revoked the visa of Egyptian opposition TV anchor Moataz Matar, for allegedly supporting the Hamas movement in Gaza, after he took part in a pro-Palestine demonstration. This coincides with France’s deportation of French activist Maryam Abu Daqqa, on charges of supporting the Palestinian resistance. The British Home Office took the decision […]

After the ban on Hamas and Samidoun
The German Interior Ministry announces its intention to ban other pro-Palestinian associations

November 28, 2023

German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser announced her intention to ban more pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel associations, during a parliamentary discussion session on protecting Jewish life in Germany. Germany recently banned the Hamas movement and its Palestinian Samidoun network branch. Faeser indicated that German democracy is defending itself, and added: “We are already working to impose more […]

He said: I will stand with the truth, even if I stood alone
German club Mainz terminates the contract with its Moroccan player Anwar El Ghazi over his support of Palestine

November 27, 2023

German football club Mainz decided to terminate its contract with its Dutch player of Moroccan origin, Anwar El Ghazi, after he expressed his solidarity with the Palestinian people as a result of the ongoing Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip, which has left thousands dead to date, after a bloody attack by Hamas on Israel […]

Scholz calls for protecting Jews and warns against burning Israeli flags in Germany

November 23, 2023

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz urged all people in his country to protect Jews in light of the recent incidents that Germany classifies as anti-Semitic incidents, while the European Commission said that anti-Semitic incidents in Europe have reached unprecedented rates. In an interview with the German newspaper “Mannheimer Morgen” published on Monday, November 6, Scholz said: […]

After Gaza
Racism strikes children and football players in America and Europe

November 12, 2023

As hundreds of Palestinian casualties and fatalities occur daily due to Israeli airstrikes on Gaza since Hamas’s bloody attack on Israel on October 7, anti-Arab and anti-Muslim sentiments are on the rise in Europe, influenced by the ascent of far-right ideologies and the dominance of populist ideas. Rising racist sentiments and hate crimes against immigrants […]

The right and left criticize the French Interior Minister’s attack on international football player Benzema

November 12, 2023

The French radical left as well as the French extreme right criticized the controversial statements of French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin concerning international football player of Algerian origins, Karim Benzema, after the latter made statements sympathetic to the victims of the Israeli bombing of Gaza. In a post on “X”, formerly Twitter, prominent leftist French […]

For allegedly threatening “public order”
A Palestinian activist is under house arrest in preparation for expulsion from France

November 8, 2023

Member of the Political Bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Maryam Abu Daqqa, confirmed that she was placed under house arrest in southeastern France, after an order to expel her was issued that could not be implemented immediately. The European Union classifies the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a […]

German police bans a demonstration in solidarity with Palestine… Organizers accuse the police of “racism”

November 6, 2023

The organizers of the demonstrations in support of the Palestinian people in Berlin accused the police of racism due to the ban on demonstrations, and announced that they would take legal measures against depriving the entire Arab community of its right to freedom of expression, while Chancellor Olaf Scholz criticized the anti-Israel demonstrations, describing them […]

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