Bulgaria arrests 18,000 migrants who tried to cross the border during 2023, most of them Syrians

January 15, 2024

The Bulgarian Ministry of Interior announced the arrest of 18,008 immigrants from non-European Union nationals between January 1 and November 2023, in an attempt to limit the flow of asylum seekers to Europe. The Ministry explained in a statement on January 4 that this number represents an increase of 15.4% compared to 2022. Syrians make […]

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Scholz calls on Erdogan to agree on a “strong mechanism” to take rejected asylum seekers

December 7, 2023

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz urged Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to move forward in repatriating asylum seekers from Turkey who do not have the right to stay in Germany, at a time when the number of Turkish asylum seekers has more than tripled during the current year. Sources from the German government stated that after […]

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Europol announces the arrest of part of a migrant smuggling network in Bulgaria

November 2, 2023

The European Law Enforcement Agency – Europol announced that it helped the Bulgarian authorities dismantle a migrant smuggling network active on the Balkan route, and is considered part of “the largest criminal network for smuggling migrants from Turkey to Western Europe via Bulgaria and Serbia.” Europol said that large sums of money and documents proving […]

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It may lead to improving their conditions… seeking to sign a new refugee agreement between Turkey and Greece under German sponsorship

October 12, 2023

Greek migration Minister Dimitris Kairidis said that a new refugee agreement should be concluded between Turkey and the European Union, under German sponsorship, given Berlin’s distinguished relations with Ankara. Kairidis explained in press statements that the refugee agreement must be under Berlin’s leadership, adding: “We protect our northern borders as much as we can.” “However, […]

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