Climate Migration Could Outpace Conflict-induced Migration
The Poor Pay the Price

March 24, 2024

By: Ali Taha   Globally, there is growing concern about the effects of the deteriorating phenomenon of climate change, most notably climate migration. By 2050, there will likely be 216 million climate migrants worldwide as a result of rising temperatures, droughts, a shortage of water and precipitation, and increasing sea levels brought on by melting […]

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German Chancellor Olaf Scholz congratulates Muslims on Ramadan towards more tolerance in Germany

March 20, 2024

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz delivered a televised speech to the Muslims of Germany, on the occasion of the beginning of the month of Ramadan, and in his speech, which was published by the Council of Ministers, he called for mutual tolerance in a cosmopolitan and democratic Germany. Scholz stated that he knows very well that […]

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32 refugees survive a refugee housing fire in the Black Forest

March 17, 2024

32 refugees survived a massive fire, which broke out in a home for young refugees in the Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald district. The fire led to the house being completely engulfed in flames, and the police estimated the losses at hundreds of thousands of euros. Residents near the house had notified the fire department after seeing smoke rising […]

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A potential debate between the Christian Democratic Party candidate and the Alternative Party candidate raises concerns about refugees

March 14, 2024

The announcement of a debate between “Voigt”, the candidate of the Christian Democratic Party (CDU), and the candidate of the Alternative Party (AfD), “Höcke”, candidates for the municipality of “Hogen”, sparked widespread controversy, especially with regard to refugees. The debate is supposed to take place on the anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration […]

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With more than 700 companies, German Minister of Labor inaugurates a conference to attract skilled workers

March 12, 2024

The German government launched a conference with the aim of searching for skilled workers. The German Labor Minister said that his country needs more skilled workers to enhance its capabilities as the third-strongest economy in the world. “Securing access to skilled labor means ensuring prosperity,” Labor Minister Hubertus Heil told the German News Agency before the […]

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A judicial decision upholds human rights… Major Italian court criminalizes the returning of migrants at the sea to Libya

March 11, 2024

Italy’s highest court of appeal ruled that it was illegal to return migrants from the sea to Libya. The ruling was welcomed by charitable organizations and human rights groups, which criticized the government for cooperating with the Libyan authorities on migration. The court upheld the conviction of the captain of the Italian tugboat (ASO 28), […]

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Germany is getting ready to welcome the month of Ramadan

March 10, 2024

Top German newspapers have paid attention to the approaching month of Ramadan, which creates a special atmosphere for German Muslims and new refugees, and published many reports and articles explaining the nature of this month and its importance for Muslims in Germany, especially immigrants and refugees, as the percentage of Muslims in Germany is approximately […]

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Human rights objections against Serbia forcing Syrian migrants to return to Macedonia “almost naked” in near-freezing temperatures

March 4, 2024

Video recordings showed semi-naked Syrian migrants forced to return to Macedonia by Serbian border guards, days after the border cooperation summit between the European Union and Serbia. Human rights organizations considered this a violation of international laws, and demanded an urgent investigation, according to media reports. The two recordings published by the Guardian, on Thursday, […]

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New law to facilitate employment of foreigners with professional experience in Germany

March 3, 2024

Starting from the first of March 2024, the system for employing foreigners with professional experience in Germany will be activated, in accordance with the new immigration law, which aims to meet the need of the labor market in Germany for skilled workers. This system will benefit people with professional experience who hold certificates accredited by […]

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The Swedish Migration Court… a decision to facilitate refugees’ access to permanent residency

February 28, 2024

The Swedish Immigration Service announced the abolition of the requirement for a period of work when a refugee submits a request to change his residence from temporary to permanent residence, in a blow to the strict tendencies adopted by the Swedish government towards refugees, as a result of the increasing influence of the extreme right […]

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In response to the rise of the far-right… a massive German demonstration against racism and plans to expel foreigners

February 27, 2024

Under the slogan “For Democracy and Cohesion,” about 6,000 people demonstrated in the center of the German city of Wolfsburg against the far-right. This demonstration was called for, among other organisers, by the Volkswagen Group, whose CEO Oliver Blume said: “People are currently taking to the streets throughout Germany for democracy and freedom. For the […]

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Germany opens a third immigration center in Nigeria to reduce irregular migration

February 22, 2024

The German Development Minister inaugurated a third immigration center, in the West African country of Nigeria, as part of a series of new immigration centers, with the aim of reducing irregular immigration and providing advice and guidance to people who want to work in Germany. German Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development Svenja Schulze […]

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