Climate Migration Could Outpace Conflict-induced Migration
The Poor Pay the Price

March 24, 2024

By: Ali Taha   Globally, there is growing concern about the effects of the deteriorating phenomenon of climate change, most notably climate migration. By 2050, there will likely be 216 million climate migrants worldwide as a result of rising temperatures, droughts, a shortage of water and precipitation, and increasing sea levels brought on by melting […]

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Germany is getting ready to welcome the month of Ramadan

March 10, 2024

Top German newspapers have paid attention to the approaching month of Ramadan, which creates a special atmosphere for German Muslims and new refugees, and published many reports and articles explaining the nature of this month and its importance for Muslims in Germany, especially immigrants and refugees, as the percentage of Muslims in Germany is approximately […]

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German Integration Commissioner criticizes a government decision to end the sponsorship and family reunification program starting next year

December 17, 2023

A government source announced that the “sponsorship” program, which was launched ten years ago, allowed 1,883 Syrians to enter Brandenburg Province to reunite them with their families, from the beginning of this year until the end of last September, is going to come to an end, while State Commissioner for Integration Doris Lemmermeier criticized a […]

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Amidst welcome from human rights groups
Paris: The Administrative Court suspends a decree prohibiting the distribution of food to migrants

November 13, 2023

The French Administrative Court suspended the order banning the distribution of food in specific areas of the 10th and 19th arrondissements of the capital, Paris, about three weeks after the decree was issued. The “Utopia 56” association, the Human Rights League, and the “Union of Solidarity Activists”, which filed an appeal before the Administrative Court, […]

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The ship’s captain confirmed their peacefulness
Spanish judge releases 9 immigrants accused of “piracy”

November 5, 2023

A Spanish judge ordered the release of nine migrants, who were accused of piracy and forcing the ship’s captain, who saved them from drowning, to head to the Canary Islands archipelago on October 3, after the captain confirmed that the migrants were peaceful and that the official story was incorrect. The official Spanish version of […]

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Latvia, Estonia and Germany are in the lead
EU: This year is witnessing the largest increase in asylum applications since 2016

October 31, 2023

The European Union Agency for Asylum – EUAA announced that this year witnessed more than 800,000 people applying for asylum in 27 European Union countries in addition to Norway and Switzerland, noting that this number is the highest number compared to similar periods of previous years, since 2016. On Tuesday, October 10, the German newspaper […]

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Amidst hopes of their use to rescue refugees
France: Cameras on drones to reduce illegal immigration

October 9, 2023

Three French provinces have begun using surveillance cameras on drones to limit migrant boats crossing the English Channel towards Britain, amid human rights concerns that the surveillance measures will violate the rights of migrants, while others hope that it will contribute to reducing the number of victims escaping across the Channel. Three provinces North, Pas-de-Calais […]

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Fingers point at smugglers… Dozens are missing in the capsizing of two migrant boats off Italy’s coast

August 28, 2023

Dozens of migrants fell victims to greed and the desire to make profits, as smugglers pushed them to sail in the Mediterranean, despite the bad weather, on rickety boats. According to the International Organization for Migration, more than 30 people are missing after two boats carrying migrants sank off the coast of Italy, according to […]

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