Donors’ Conference for Syria: Germany Pledges $1 Billion amid European Dispute over Refugees

June 13, 2024

Countries participating in the Donors’ Conference for Syria held in Brussels have pledged an additional $7.5 billion to help alleviate the suffering caused by the civil war. After the conference, European Union Commissioner Janez Lenarčič stated that the funds allocated for Syria consist of $5 billion in grants and $2.5 billion in loans. Germany pledged […]

Berlin Integration Official Criticizes Welcome Classes for Refugees Due to Lack of German Language Instruction

June 13, 2024

Integration officials believe that the approach to welcoming newly arrived migrant children and youth is flawed. They argue that learning the language in welcome classes, where German is rarely spoken, is difficult and that long stays in reception centers hinder integration. Katarina Niewiedzial, Berlin’s Commissioner for Integration, accused the Senate of taking the wrong approach […]

Brandenburg: Criticism of Tightening Border Controls with Poland to Limit Immigration

June 4, 2024

Over the past months, the Federal Police has examined vehicles coming from Poland, causing traffic jams on the Oder Bridge in Frankfurt, as well as on the highways near Świjko and Klein Bademosl. This forces Polish health sector workers and craftsmen who come to work in Berlin and Brandenburg to move early to reach their […]

Increase of the Naturalization Rate in Germany, and Syrians are at the Forefront

May 26, 2024

A new report from the Federal Statistical Office of Germany has revealed a significant increase in naturalization in both Brandenburg and Berlin in 2023 compared to 2022, and that the number of people who obtained German citizenship in Brandenburg last year more than doubled compared to the year before. According to Federal Statistical Office of […]

Germany announces extension of border controls with EU for at least two months

December 24, 2023

German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser announced that her country’s border controls with Poland, the Czech Republic and Switzerland will be extended beyond December 15 for at least two months, with the aim of reducing irregular migration. “Our measures are effective,” Faeser told the German newspaper “Rheinische Post” in statements published on Friday, December 8. “Our […]

Intending to seek international protection
A Syrian migrant was shot at the Polish-Belarusian border

November 26, 2023

A 23-year-old Syrian migrant was shot by a Polish soldier while trying to cross the border from Belarus, according to what non-governmental organizations in the region announced, amid human rights accusations against Polish border guards of “racism” and “aggression” toward migrants. On Sunday, November 5, the Polish Prosecutor’s Office confirmed opening an investigation into the […]

Warnings against the use of immigrants as political tools
Belarus accuses Poland of using violence against migrants to keep them away from Europe

October 11, 2023

Belarus accused Poland of using “violence and abuse” on their common border to deport migrants trying to enter the European Union through its territory, while Poland confirms that Russian and Belarusian special services are “organizing the crossings of migrants” to its borders, amid warnings from activists that migrants are being used as tools in the […]

Massive wave of asylum seekers in Poland and the Czech Republic moves toward the German border

September 6, 2023

The number of immigrants and asylum seekers arriving in Germany across the Polish and Czech borders is increasing, which leads to great pressure on the border state of Saxony, especially with the rising pace of the Russian-Ukrainian war. German media reported, based on private sources from the police in the state of Saxony, that during […]

German Interior Ministry: There is no need to tighten border control at the present moment

August 21, 2023

While voices came from the Christian Democrats in Germany calling for more border controls to limit the flow of refugees, the German Ministry of the Interior did not see that there was a need to discuss such a measure at the present time. The flow of refugees to Germany has increased recently due to the […]

Germany… Church asylum saves an Iraqi couple from deportation

August 8, 2023

An Iraqi couple went through difficult months fearing deportation to refugee camps in Poland, just before the German authorities decided at the last minute to cancel the deportation and consider their requests for church asylum. In an effort to obtain protection, the Kurdish family lived under the roof of the Protestant Church, but their lives […]

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