The Mediterranean swallowed 289 children during 2023, and UNICEF calls for solutions

March 5, 2024

UN reports showed that the scope of exploitation and death among the displaced and those forcibly leaving their countries is expanding more and more, especially among women and children, who are the weakest link, noting that the Mediterranean Sea swallowed 289 children during the past year. In its official reports, UNICEF indicated that the number […]

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Spain’s Supreme Court: Mass expulsion of Moroccan minors in 2021 was “illegal”

February 11, 2024

The Spanish Supreme Court ruled that the deportation of hundreds of young Moroccan minors from the Spanish enclave of Ceuta in August 2021, after a mass border crossing, was illegal and violated the European Convention on Human Rights, in a blow to the coalition government’s immigration policy. The court’s judges rejected an appeal filed by […]

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According to a recent report: Barriers to enrollment of immigrant children in daycare centers in Germany

September 3, 2023

A recent report revealed that immigrant families in Germany have considerable difficulty finding a place for their children in a daycare center. In contrast, the report indicates that German children have easier access to such facilities. According to The Expert Council of German Institutions for Integration and Migration (SVR), which conducted the study, children with […]

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They are subjected to slavery and forced to work.. An investigation has been opened into the disappearance of hundreds of refugee minors from British hotels

August 9, 2023

The Home Office is moving to reopen an investigation into the disappearance of hundreds of minor refugees in the United Kingdom, amid human rights criticism of the Office’s intention to reopen a “notorious” hotel to receive minor refugees in Brighton. According to an investigation by the British newspaper “The Guardian”, dozens of children seeking asylum […]

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