Measles Outbreak in a Reception Center for Asylum Seekers in Berlin

May 19, 2024

Measles has returned and is striking reception centers for asylum seekers. Health authorities discovered an outbreak of the disease in the reception center in Reinickendorf, Berlin, and isolated 80 refugees who had not been vaccinated against the disease. The State Office for Refugee Affairs Berlin (LAF) announced that a refugee had contracted measles in Reinickendorf […]

Fears of an Increase in the Number of Missing Minor Refugees in Europe

May 19, 2024

Data research from the International Journalists Network, which includes Radio Berlin-Brandenburg, has revealed that the number of missing minors in Europe, who are refugees, has reached 51,000, including more than 2,000 in Germany. The disappearance of young refugees occurs during the waiting period for registration, and the International Journalists Network attributed this to the European […]

The European Union Puts Pressure on Syrian Refugees through a Deal with Lebanon

May 19, 2024

The European Union is working to sign an agreement with Lebanon worth one million euros to reduce the number of Syrian refugees in Europe. According to the German News Agency – Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA) –, the European Union plans to stop the flow of Syrian refugees from Lebanon. The deal aims for the European Union […]

International Study Shows Germany’s Strong Pull for Foreign Workers

May 14, 2024

Germany is the fifth most popular place to work, and because of the favorable working environment, many employees choose to remain there. According to an international survey carried out by “Management Consulting Company” in association with the Job Exchange Network, employees in Germany do not want to move outside of the country, and that Germany […]

Germany: Refugee Payment Card Dispute Reignites After Partial Launch

May 13, 2024

Following the introduction of payment cards for refugees in select regions, a renewed debate has emerged regarding their statewide implementation. Certain areas have reported that the introduction of these cards prompted asylum seekers to consider either leaving Germany or pursuing employment opportunities. Nevertheless, the true implications of this model remain a subject of contention. Werner […]

Ukrainian Refugees Among the Least Employed in Germany

May 12, 2024

An investigative report by David Zagones on a daily news website sheds light on the challenges of integrating Ukrainian refugees into the German labor market. It highlights that many refugees prioritize learning German before seeking employment, with a significant number attending language courses up to five times a week. However, despite these efforts, a majority […]

 German Police Withhold Motive: Refugee Succumbs to Injuries in Refugee Accommodation

May 12, 2024

A refugee from the refugee camp located in the Bensheim region of Hessen passed away, leading to the arrest of a 35-year-old suspect by the police. Authorities report that a dispute occurred within the refugee accommodation, resulting in severe injuries to the deceased. According to both the Darmstadt Public Prosecutor’s Office and the local police […]

News Report Details Tegel Airport’s Transformation into a Refugee City

May 12, 2024

Investigative journalist Ann Catherine Palmer’s report sheds light on the hurdles confronting refugees in the Tegel region, situated northwest of Berlin. Tegel, now transformed into an expansive tent city, adheres to a rigid daily schedule, featuring designated meal times offering bread and cold cuts for breakfast, followed by falafel for lunch. Despite this routine, numerous […]

UK Enacts Law Permitting Deportation of Refugees to Rwanda

May 12, 2024

The British Parliament has approved legislation permitting the deportation of refugees to Rwanda. Deliberations on the law within Parliament were prolonged, primarily due to resistance from certain members regarding deportation. Under the law, Rwanda is designated as a safe third country. Following a two-month delay between the two parliamentary chambers, the law was ultimately ratified, […]

Minister of the Interior Visits Bulgarian Border Following European Parliament’s Immigration Policy Tightening

May 5, 2024

The Federal Minister of the Interior and Community, Faeser, visits the Bulgaria-Turkey border to assess the EU’s external border protection measures following the European Parliament’s adoption of stringent immigration policies. Faeser emphasizes the criticality of safeguarding external borders. The minister personally witnessed the three-meter-high fence that separates the borders of Bulgaria and Turkey. The fence […]

Government Coalition Reaches Consensus on Refugee Access to State Benefits via Smart Card

May 5, 2024

Finally, the dispute within the Bundestag’s government coalition over the refugee payment card has been resolved. The Democratic Party and the Free Democratic Party had been at odds for many months, with states and municipalities calling for relief in refugee care amidst hopes for reduced future asylum applications. Initially, asylum seekers received a modest cash […]

Germany: Measles Outbreak Reported at Tegel Refugee Center

May 2, 2024

The Federal Ministry of Health has reported an outbreak of measles among refugees in Tegel. This follows the diagnosis of a resident with the disease and the appearance of symptoms in other refugees. In response, the Ministry has decided to conduct a vaccination campaign this weekend to control the spread of the disease. The first […]

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