A young Guinean immigrant committed suicide in Italy in an immigration detention center, in protest against poor conditions

February 21, 2024

The Italian authorities arrested 14 people after violent protests broke out in a pre-deportation detention center in Ponte Galleria, near the capital, Rome, in the wake of the tragic suicide of an immigrant from Guinea, while human rights powers called for the closure of “inhumane” detention centers, which they considered to be collapsing and does […]

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Amid opposition from the Socialists and Greens
France intends to end nationality by birth on the island of Mayotte to limit immigration

February 20, 2024

The French authorities announced their intention to make a controversial constitutional amendment that would abolish the right of those born on the French island of Mayotte, which has a Muslim majority in the Indian Ocean, to obtain citizenship, claiming that it would help stop the illegal immigration crisis. This step was rejected by the Socialists […]

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Following a Swedish court’s decision to deport the Iraqi refugee “the Quran burner,” fears that he will be exposed to retaliation

February 14, 2024

The Swedish Migration Court approved the decision to deport Iraqi refugee Silwan Mumika, who burned copies of the Quran more than once in the capital, Stockholm, last year, and sparked a wave of anger in the Islamic world, but the Swedish authorities fear that he will be exposed to retaliation in Iraq, if he is […]

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A judicial decision to consider the youth organization of the right-wing AfD party as an “extremist” movement

February 13, 2024

A state court in Germany declared that German intelligence services classified the youth organization affiliated with the far-right Alternative for Germany party as a confirmed extremist movement, after a series of angry demonstrations over a far-right plan, woven at night, and recently exposed, to expel foreigners from Germany. The Cologne Administrative Court issued the ruling […]

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After millions demonstrated against it
The Alternative for Germany Party is declining in opinion polls in Germany

February 8, 2024

The first opinion poll after millions demonstrated against right-wing extremism and the Alternative for Germany Party (AfD) that spread across Germany showed that the AfD had begun to lose its popularity among German voters, but the ruling coalition did not benefit from this decline. The “AfD” in the opinion poll called “Sonntagsfrage” came at 21.5%, […]

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The French Constitutional Council rejects more than a third of the articles of a right-wing law on immigration

February 6, 2024

The French Constitutional Council rejected more than a third of the provisions contained in the controversial immigration bill that was adopted under pressure from the far-right, and while human rights organizations considered the ruling a “victory,” right-wing forces described it as a “coup by the judiciary.” French media reported that the texts rejected by the […]

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French opposition is pushing to drop “racist” immigration law

February 5, 2024

The French opposition said that the new draft immigration law raises concerns that tens of thousands, including 30,000 children, will be deprived of their social rights, because it contradicts the values ​​of “liberty, fraternity and equality” on which the French Republic is based, calling for the law to be withdrawn before it is presented to […]

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The European far-right is “reviewing” its positions on immigration due to the need for 43 million public workers

February 4, 2024

Media outlets reported that despite the strict laws issued by European countries to obstruct the flow of immigrants, the right and extreme right are currently reviewing their positions on immigration, under pressure from businessmen, noting that the Italian Prime Minister and the Hungarian Prime Minister are allowing the reception of new immigrants after having built […]

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Despite the cold weather, thousands in France demonstrate against the strict immigration law

January 30, 2024

Tens of thousands demonstrated in several cities in France to protest against the controversial immigration law and demanded its withdrawal, amid criticism of the law that it adopts many far-right ideas. French media said that about 25,000 demonstrators came out in the capital Paris, despite the cold winter weather, on Sunday, January 14, to demand […]

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France: Prison sentence for Algerian player Youcef Atal for his solidarity with Gaza

January 16, 2024

A court in Nice in southern France sentenced Algerian football player Youcef Atal to an 8-month suspended sentence on charges of sharing “anti-Semitic content and spreading hatred based on religion” while expressing his support for Gaza at the beginning of the Israeli aggression after a surprise attack by Hamas on October 7. The ruling issued […]

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Refugees leave the Green Party over accepting the “reform” of the European asylum system

January 11, 2024

Media outlets reported that a group of refugees resigned from membership in the Green Party in protest against the party leaders’ approval of an agreement to “reform” the European asylum system, noting that the agreement amounts to a “historic betrayal” of the Greens’ policies towards immigration, and a step on the path to rapprochement with […]

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Human rights activists considered it a “historic failure”: The European Union reaches an agreement on reforming the immigration system

January 7, 2024

European Parliaments and European Union member states reached an agreement on reforming the immigration system after long and arduous negotiations, but human rights organizations considered that “this agreement constitutes a historic failure” and “will cause more deaths at sea.” On December 19, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen praised this “historic agreement” on the […]

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