Rights groups welcomed the ruling
London violates the Supreme Court’s decision and pledges to go forward with a plan to deport migrants to Rwanda

December 4, 2023

The British government stuck to its decision to move forward with a controversial plan to send migrants to Rwanda, despite the British Supreme Court rejecting this plan, a ruling that human rights organizations welcomed and considered a “victory” and a “major defeat” for the ruling party. The British government’s decision came shortly after the British […]

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In a precedent
The UK cancels the visa of Egyptian journalist Moataz Matar because of his support for Gaza

November 29, 2023

The British Home Office revoked the visa of Egyptian opposition TV anchor Moataz Matar, for allegedly supporting the Hamas movement in Gaza, after he took part in a pro-Palestine demonstration. This coincides with France’s deportation of French activist Maryam Abu Daqqa, on charges of supporting the Palestinian resistance. The British Home Office took the decision […]

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Europe’s support for oppressive regimes contributes to the escalation of the refugee crisis, and the remedy lies in democracy.

October 11, 2023

Written by: Taha Ali   Nobody desires to depart from their place of birth and upbringing unless they encounter injustice and deprivation of human dignity. People aspire to seek out a location that honors their humanity, preserves their dignity, and fulfills their dream of living as fully realized human beings. Reports indicate that immigration rates […]

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After 22 smuggling operations using “taxi boats”… France decides to establish a new floating dam in the Canche River

September 13, 2023

Local authorities in northern France decided to erect a new floating dam in the Canche River, which flows into the English Channel, in an attempt to limit the waves of smuggler boats to Britain through the use of “taxi boats”, one week after at least 6 irregular migrants died In the English Channel. The French […]

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MPs described the situation as “disgraceful”… Britain evacuates a ship of immigrants due to water contamination

September 7, 2023

  “Ridiculous” and “Disgraceful”… This is how British newspapers described the government’s decision to evacuate the barge “Bibby Stockholm”, on Friday, August 11, with 39 migrants on board, who had been transferred to it a few days earlier, after discovering a potentially deadly bacteria in the water system. The discovery of the contamination of the […]

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Despite the militarization of borders
France: The number of migrants to Britain across the English Channel is rising

August 30, 2023

The police reinforcements by Paris did not succeed in reducing the number of migrants crossing the English Channel towards Britain. Rather, the past two months witnessed an increase in the number of departures, as a result of the smugglers’ use of new methods. The French departments of “Nord-de-Calais” and “Pas-de-Calais” recorded more boat departures in […]

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Amid criticism from human rights defenders
Britain: First group of asylum seekers arrives onboard the barge “Bibby Stockholm”

August 29, 2023

The British authorities transferred the first group of irregular immigrants to the “Bibby Stockholm” barge, amid condemnation by associations and organizations, which said that the barge was no suitable place for asylum seekers and survivors of war, terrorism and torture. Buses were seen arriving at the port of Portland, with people carrying bags on board, […]

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Despite strong winds and the danger of the road… 3,300 migrants crossed the English Channel towards Britain last July

August 16, 2023

Despite the continuous efforts of the British authorities to prevent the arrival of immigrants to their lands, the number of arrivals to the coasts of the Kingdom amounted to more than 3 thousand immigrants during the month of July alone. The bad weather, the wind and the dangerous road did not hinder those wishing to […]

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