Controversy over banning the abaya in France reaches the corridors of the United Nations after the Queen of Britain wore it

October 22, 2023

A Muslim student in France filed a complaint with the United Nations regarding being subjected to “discrimination” after she was expelled from school for wearing a “kimono,” while the Queen of Britain caught the attention wearing an abaya-like dress during her meeting with the French President in Paris on Thursday, September 21. The kimono is […]

Amid controversy, is it a cultural or a religious symbol?
The French Council of State upholds the decision to ban the “abaya” in public schools

October 8, 2023

The French Council of State approved the decision to ban the wearing of the abaya in schools, rejecting the appeal submitted by the Association “Action for the Rights of Muslims” (ADM), amid accusations by human rights bodies that the government is practicing cultural discrimination against minorities. A statement by the Council of State said on […]

Appeasing Right-wing Parties or Defending Secularism?
Wearing Abayas Banned in France

October 1, 2023

By: Ali Taha   France kicks off the new academic year with a major political controversy triggered by the decision of Gabriel Attal, French Education Minister, on Sunday, August 28, to ban the wearing of the “abaya” in schools for being a religious symbol, infuriating large segments of Muslims, Arabs and Africans in France, as […]

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