Following a Swedish court’s decision to deport the Iraqi refugee “the Quran burner,” fears that he will be exposed to retaliation

February 14, 2024

The Swedish Migration Court approved the decision to deport Iraqi refugee Silwan Mumika, who burned copies of the Quran more than once in the capital, Stockholm, last year, and sparked a wave of anger in the Islamic world, but the Swedish authorities fear that he will be exposed to retaliation in Iraq, if he is […]

Despite increasing incidence of discrimination against them
On the “Open Day”… Muslims of Germany engage in dialogue with all sects

October 24, 2023

The “Open Mosque Day” event has become an annual tradition that Islamic communities have celebrated for twenty-five years, coinciding with the Day of German unity, as an expression of the integration of the Islamic community into society, despite the high incidence of discrimination against them. German media reported that the Central Council of Muslims in […]

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