irregular immigration

Germany announces extension of border controls with EU for at least two months

December 24, 2023

German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser announced that her country’s border controls with Poland, the Czech Republic and Switzerland will be extended beyond December 15 for at least two months, with the aim of reducing irregular migration. “Our measures are effective,” Faeser told the German newspaper “Rheinische Post” in statements published on Friday, December 8. “Our […]

Amidst hopes of their use to rescue refugees
France: Cameras on drones to reduce illegal immigration

October 9, 2023

Three French provinces have begun using surveillance cameras on drones to limit migrant boats crossing the English Channel towards Britain, amid human rights concerns that the surveillance measures will violate the rights of migrants, while others hope that it will contribute to reducing the number of victims escaping across the Channel. Three provinces North, Pas-de-Calais […]

Amid criticism from human rights defenders
Britain: First group of asylum seekers arrives onboard the barge “Bibby Stockholm”

August 29, 2023

The British authorities transferred the first group of irregular immigrants to the “Bibby Stockholm” barge, amid condemnation by associations and organizations, which said that the barge was no suitable place for asylum seekers and survivors of war, terrorism and torture. Buses were seen arriving at the port of Portland, with people carrying bags on board, […]

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