A potential debate between the Christian Democratic Party candidate and the Alternative Party candidate raises concerns about refugees

March 14, 2024

The announcement of a debate between “Voigt”, the candidate of the Christian Democratic Party (CDU), and the candidate of the Alternative Party (AfD), “Höcke”, candidates for the municipality of “Hogen”, sparked widespread controversy, especially with regard to refugees. The debate is supposed to take place on the anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration […]

Led by the Greens and the Left
France: The National Assembly rejects the controversial immigration bill

December 27, 2023

The French National Assembly rejected the controversial immigration bill, which aims to control the flow of immigrants, inflicting a major political defeat on the government, amid welcome from human rights groups, who considered that the bill detracts from the basic rights of foreigners. The memorandum rejecting the draft law, presented by the Green Bloc, was approved […]

A new blow to racism
The German Interior Minister bans a neo-Nazi association

October 17, 2023

German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser banned a far-right association called “Hammerskins Deutschland,” noting that the ban was a strong blow to right-wing extremism and racism. The German government recently announced an increase in the frequency of politically motivated attacks on shelters for asylum seekers in the first half of this year compared to last year. […]

Europe’s support for oppressive regimes contributes to the escalation of the refugee crisis, and the remedy lies in democracy.

October 11, 2023

Written by: Taha Ali   Nobody desires to depart from their place of birth and upbringing unless they encounter injustice and deprivation of human dignity. People aspire to seek out a location that honors their humanity, preserves their dignity, and fulfills their dream of living as fully realized human beings. Reports indicate that immigration rates […]

The left considered it an attack on liberty
France bans wearing the Islamic abaya in public schools in defense of secularism

October 3, 2023

The French government considered the controversial decision of National Education Minister Gabriel Attal to ban the wearing of the abaya in public schools as a response to the need to confront a “political attack” targeting secularism, as well as to the demand of school principals, who called for issuing clear directives on this issue. French […]

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