Human rights objections against Serbia forcing Syrian migrants to return to Macedonia “almost naked” in near-freezing temperatures

March 4, 2024

Video recordings showed semi-naked Syrian migrants forced to return to Macedonia by Serbian border guards, days after the border cooperation summit between the European Union and Serbia. Human rights organizations considered this a violation of international laws, and demanded an urgent investigation, according to media reports. The two recordings published by the Guardian, on Thursday, […]

Europol announces the arrest of part of a migrant smuggling network in Bulgaria

November 2, 2023

The European Law Enforcement Agency – Europol announced that it helped the Bulgarian authorities dismantle a migrant smuggling network active on the Balkan route, and is considered part of “the largest criminal network for smuggling migrants from Turkey to Western Europe via Bulgaria and Serbia.” Europol said that large sums of money and documents proving […]

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