the Mediterranean

A judicial decision upholds human rights… Major Italian court criminalizes the returning of migrants at the sea to Libya

March 11, 2024

Italy’s highest court of appeal ruled that it was illegal to return migrants from the sea to Libya. The ruling was welcomed by charitable organizations and human rights groups, which criticized the government for cooperating with the Libyan authorities on migration. The court upheld the conviction of the captain of the Italian tugboat (ASO 28), […]

The Mediterranean swallowed 289 children during 2023, and UNICEF calls for solutions

March 5, 2024

UN reports showed that the scope of exploitation and death among the displaced and those forcibly leaving their countries is expanding more and more, especially among women and children, who are the weakest link, noting that the Mediterranean Sea swallowed 289 children during the past year. In its official reports, UNICEF indicated that the number […]

Among them 10 minors
The Spanish Coast Guard rescues 280 migrants from drowning off the Canary Islands

October 30, 2023

The Spanish Coast Guard announced the rescue of 280 migrants from drowning, who were on board a boat that had been spotted earlier off the Canary Islands. Emergency services said on Tuesday, October 3, that the rescued migrants included ten minors, who made this journey on a single boat through one of the most dangerous […]

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