Despite strong winds and the danger of the road… 3,300 migrants crossed the English Channel towards Britain last July

Despite the continuous efforts of the British authorities to prevent the arrival of immigrants to their lands, the number of arrivals to the coasts of the Kingdom amounted to more than 3 thousand immigrants during the month of July alone.

The bad weather, the wind and the dangerous road did not hinder those wishing to escape hell from trying to cross the English Channel from the coasts of northern France.

After the arrival of 574 immigrants on the coasts of the Kingdom on Monday, July 18, and up to 200 immigrants during the last week of last month, the British authorities announced on August 1 that the number of arrivals on the coasts of the Kingdom amounted to 3,299 immigrants during July alone. According to Al-Muhager website.

Despite the tightening of laws regulating immigration, the number of arrivals since the beginning of the year has reached more than 14,000 immigrants on board small boats from the coasts of northern France… This figure does not include immigrants who were intercepted by the French authorities, nor those whose arrival was not discovered by the British authorities, as well as those who did not make it.

The number of arrivals reached 3,683 immigrants in the same period last year, as this slight decrease in the number of arrivals is attributed to bad weather conditions despite the summer.

French media indicated that there is a difference in the capacity of the boats this year, as the average number of people per boat reached 41 individuals last year, while it amounted to 52 in July this year.

The United Kingdom passed a controversial law allowing the detention and deportation of people who entered the country in violation of immigration control, which the United Nations has described as contrary to international law.

The law is still awaiting the king’s ratification in order to enter into force, after it was passed in both chambers of parliament.

According to a press release issued by the UK Home Office in May, those entering the UK “illegally” will not be able to appeal or challenge attempts to remove them, nor will they have the right to return, settlement or citizenship once removed from the country.

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