Germany: Unidentified persons assaulted a young man wearing an Islamic prayer cap in Neukölln

German police reported that unidentified persons assaulted a 34-year-old young man in Berlin Neukölln on the evening of Sunday, September 24, leading to his transfer to the hospital with a broken nose, in a new episode of discrimination, hatred, and anti-Muslim behaviour in Germany.

The “Amal, Berlin!” website reported that the young man was hit several times in the face in a Neukölln restaurant, before the attackers tore off the cap that was on his head, of the type that Muslims usually wear during prayer.

Police said the perpetrator asked the victim to think about the hat he was wearing. According to police, the perpetrator then fled with another suspect and took the cap with him.

In turn, the state police in the Criminal Police Office investigated the incident.

Last June, the “Coalition Against Hostility to Islam and Muslims,” known by the abbreviation “Claim,” recorded about 900 cases of discrimination and anti-Muslim behaviour in Germany last year.

According to the first document of the coalition supported by the German Family Ministry, it is suspected that there are large numbers of unreported cases and that most of them involve women, due to a lack of confidence in the security authorities.

The coalition stressed that this type of discrimination affects the lives of those affected on a daily basis, calling for the comprehensive elimination of all cases of “hostility towards Muslims in Germany.” He also called for systematically recording and documenting relevant cases.

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