While Faeser emphasized the protection of Jews
A German official calls for the deportation of “dangerous Islamists” to Syria and Afghanistan

Media outlets reported that the Minister of the Interior of a German state called for the return of “Islamists” who are dangerous to public security and who come from Syria and Afghanistan to their countries, while the Federal Minister stressed the need to point out that “Jewish life falls under special protection from our state.”

This came on the sidelines of the conference of local interior ministers of the German states, which began on Wednesday, December 9, and lasted for three days, with the participation of Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser.

The Deutsche Welle website explained that the local Minister of the Interior of the German state of Saxony, Tamara Zieschang, demanded the deportation of any Syrians or Afghans classified as “Islamist persons” or “security risks” to their country.

“The government must open ways for the possibility of carrying out voluntary, controlled deportations and departures of people with a significant connection to security issues, especially to Syria and Afghanistan,” Zieschang said.

She added that, for her, this is not limited to people who are “Islamists classified as dangerous to security,” but also to any people who have committed serious crimes. The local Minister of Interior pointed out the great efforts that the police are forced to make to monitor the two security threats.

The Federal Anti-Crime Agency in Germany classifies about 500 people as “security dangerous Islamists.” This classification means that security authorities assume that these people may commit serious, politically motivated crimes that may amount to launching a “terrorist attack.”

It is noteworthy that there have been no deportations to Afghanistan since the Taliban movement returned to the reins of power in the country in August 2021. Also, deportations to Syria are currently suspended due to the situation in the country.

For her part, German Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser stated that she sees anti-Semitism and other dangers resulting from “Islamist terrorism” as central topics for the conference of local interior ministers of the German states.

“For me, the central theme of this conference of interior ministers is to continue working together in confronting the growing Islamist terrorist threat, and in confronting the despicable hatred against Jews and Israel,” Faeser told the T-Online news platform.

She added that the conference of local interior ministers of the German states must issue a clear signal that “Jewish life falls under special protection from our state. We are doing everything for the security of Jewish women and men in our country.”

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