After millions demonstrated against it
The Alternative for Germany Party is declining in opinion polls in Germany

The first opinion poll after millions demonstrated against right-wing extremism and the Alternative for Germany Party (AfD) that spread across Germany showed that the AfD had begun to lose its popularity among German voters, but the ruling coalition did not benefit from this decline.

The “AfD” in the opinion poll called “Sonntagsfrage” came at 21.5%, recording a loss of 1.5% from the previous opinion poll, according to the “Amal, Berlin!” website.

Despite the losses of the right-wing party, which became a hot topic after the far-right’s plan to deport refugees and Germans of immigrant origins was revealed, nonetheless the parties that make up the ruling coalition did not benefit from this loss.

According to the figures, Chancellor Scholz’s party received only 13.5%, the Greens achieved slight gains, reaching 12.5%, and the Free Democratic Party remained at 5% of participants in the opinion poll.

About a million people demonstrated in many German cities last weekend against right-wing extremism and anti-immigrants, while a number of observers wondered to what extent the popular opposition to the right-wing populist Alternative for Germany party would reach.

German media had revealed that a secret meeting of right-wing extremists from Germany and Austria was held in a hotel in the city of Potsdam near the capital, Berlin, with the aim of discussing the expulsion of foreigners and even of the naturalized. The Minister of the Interior warned against tolerating such calls, stressing the need to impose strict supervision on “enemies of the Constitution.”

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