Germany is getting ready to welcome the month of Ramadan

Top German newspapers have paid attention to the approaching month of Ramadan, which creates a special atmosphere for German Muslims and new refugees, and published many reports and articles explaining the nature of this month and its importance for Muslims in Germany, especially immigrants and refugees, as the percentage of Muslims in Germany is approximately 17%.

In the “Zeit” newspaper, Eileen Jules wrote an article about the importance of this month for Muslims in Germany, and explained the religious nature of Ramadan fasting as a religious pillar in Islam, the nature of fasting as a spiritual worship, and its impact on the behavior of Muslims throughout the month that ends with the Eid celebration that comes after the month of fasting. Jules asked non-Muslims to respect the fasting of Muslims, and that non-Muslims do not have to avoid eating and drinking in front of Muslims, because those who are fasting do so voluntarily, and they know that this requires strength, and the most visible form of respect is by greeting Muslims with the slogan “Ramadan Mubarak.”

In an interview by Andrea Schlaier for the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” with Imam Belmin Mehic, Member of the Forum for Islam, Mehic called on Munich’s Mayor to communicate with Muslims, and considered it a good opportunity for communication, integration, and learning about Muslim culture. He also called on Muslims to be more clear and tolerant.

Manfred Köhler wrote in the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”, the spread of Ramadan decorations, and the hanging of the “Happy Ramadan” banner at the entrance to the pedestrian walkway in Frankfurt, prove that Frankfurt is the most globalized city in the world, and includes thousands of Muslims, and this month is an opportunity for Muslim refugees to feel that they are part of Germany, and that Ramadan is an opportunity for refugees to integrate.

As for the “Welt” newspaper, it announced the start of the month of Ramadan in Germany next Sunday evening, and the newspaper met with Ramazan Kuruyüz, Head of the Islamic community in the state of Hesse, who explained the nature of Muslim fasting. According to the Federal Office of Migration, 600,000 Muslims live in the state.

The Muslim immigrant communities are getting ready for this month, which begins in a couple of days, and communication is being made with the new Muslim refugees providing them with important information for fasting during Ramadan.

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