Fears of an Increase in the Number of Missing Minor Refugees in Europe

Data research from the International Journalists Network, which includes Radio Berlin-Brandenburg, has revealed that the number of missing minors in Europe, who are refugees, has reached 51,000, including more than 2,000 in Germany. The disappearance of young refugees occurs during the waiting period for registration, and the International Journalists Network attributed this to the European immigration system, which they described as broken.

There is more than 51,000 unaccompanied children and minors, who are missing in Europe, after they were under state care, and the most dangerous detail is that the European countries have no knowledge of the whereabouts of the missing minors.

The number of missing refugees of children and youth in Germany has reached 2005, according to the International Journalists Network, as young people often disappear during long waiting periods for registration, and it took German authorities nine months to find a home for refugee minors in Berlin last summer, according to the Belgian Business Bank. Young people often spend this time in clearing houses or youth care facilities without privacy or contacts.

According to the research, the number of missing refugee of children and youth has doubled since 2021, since the number was 19,290 refugees in Europe, including 792 in Germany.

Ylva Johansson of the European Commissioner for Home Affairs told Berlin and Brandenburg Radio about the European migration system, and that she cannot confirm the numbers however, she can confirm that Europe has a broken immigration system.

The analysis revealed as well varying differences between statistics of European countries, since only 13 out of 31 countries collected comparable data. Some countries, such as Italy and Austria, have reported high numbers, since they documented the loss of more than 20,000 children and young people, while some countries, such as Spain and Greece, did not provide any information about unaccompanied children and youth.

Experts warn of the great dangers to which missing children and minors are exposed. According to observations of the German Children’s Fund, they may fall into the hands of organized criminal gangs or be subjected to sexual assault. It is expected that the new European Union Migration Charter will be approved in the coming months after its approval.

The human rights organization Pro Azul described the new immigration system as having the lowest level of protection in history for refugees, including children and young people where mandatory border measures and harsh detention conditions apply.

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