Berlin: Planning to Establish 50 New Homes for Refugees

After the Senate has decided to build 16 new homes for refugees, it is now looking for suitable places to establish 50 new shelters to solve the problem of long-term residence in Tegel. According to Refugee Coordinator Albrecht Bruemmer, there is an urgent need for 50 additional sites in order to improve the condition of the arrival center in Tegel. According to the plan, there should be distribution for the refugees to new accommodation places, and then the permanent housing in Tegel will end.

The Senate plan faces objection from residents in the western region, where local residents oppose the construction of new housing.

The Free University of Dahlem also opposes the construction of container villages on its site, and that they should find new locations

There is also a fear of establishing camps in the east of the city, but the plan depends on the availability of open and vacant spaces that the city owns.

According to Bruemmer, some refugees have now been living in the lightweight construction halls at Tegel Airport for more than a year and a half, most of whom are from Ukraine and many come from Syria and Turkey.

The plan is that the problem of permanent residency in Tegel will end in 2026, on the condition that the arrival of new refugees to the region stops.

Over the past few years, the problem at the Tegel reception center has worsened, as the center has turned into a small city with hospitals, maternity centers, playgrounds and childcare facilities, with many refugees reside in the halls. Employees reported very poor living conditions, where violence and excessive drinking are predominant. UNICEF also stated that the arrival center in Tegel is not a suitable place for children. There is also fear of fires breaking out, as what has recently happened in a lightweight building, with saving 380 people from the fire. Berlin Mayor Kai Wegener stated that there is a need to establish more housing for refugees, as they expect 10,000 new refugees to arrive this year. The plan also is that the migrants arrive at the airport site in the future and then quickly transfer. However, the journey will not be easy, as there is already severe shortage of refugee housing in Berlin.

There is also a shortage of housing for local residents. According to the announced plan, there will be distribution of containers to nine areas of the city during 2025/2026. The containers can accommodate between 130 and 620 people, depending on the area. The plan also include building multi-story housing for sleeping, and container complexes with one or three floors.

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