German Police Arrest Suspect in Deadly Potsdam Refugee Hostel Attack

The suspect in the knife attack on a refugee hostel in Potsdam has been arrested by police and is currently being questioned by the homicide squad. The suspect had managed to escape after fatally wounding a Syrian building guard but was apprehended by police near the zoo.

A large police unit cordoned off the area after the attack. The public prosecutor’s office announced that the homicide squad is currently searching for the suspect, who is already known to the authorities. The public prosecutor also issued an arrest warrant for the suspect. The violent attack occurred at a shared accommodation for asylum seekers on Bruder Scholl Street, where 30 asylum seekers reside.

The 33-year-old Syrian building guard succumbed to his injuries after being taken to the hospital. The homicide squad conducted a thorough investigation at the crime scene. Police have not disclosed details about the incident, citing the ongoing investigation. However, media reports indicate that the perpetrator is not a resident of the building. The suspect is expected to be presented to the investigating judge once the homicide squad concludes its investigation.

The city spokesperson stated that Mayor Mike Schubert is closely monitoring the case. Mayor Schubert expressed his sadness, saying, “Today is a tragic day for our city. The individual who was providing shelter for those in need has now fallen victim to a violent crime. The news of his passing has profoundly shaken me.”

According to witnesses who reside in the building, a South African national is the perpetrator responsible for killing the Syrian guard, who was attempting to protect the other residents. Prior to his demise, the guard mentioned that he had seen two masked men nearby, but this information remains unverified.

The suspect, according to security guards who witnessed the incident, is a transgender man who is also a migrant. The attack was entirely expected, as he had been banned from all shared accommodations in the city due to previous threats with a knife. Securing a place in the building, which was formerly a hotel, was his last opportunity to remain in Germany.

Security guards at the building worry that the suspect will be deemed mentally ill to avoid a prison sentence. One of the guards mentioned that the perpetrator frequently roamed the area wearing make-up and women’s clothing. Another guard, who is a transgender woman, reported being harassed by him, stating that he exploited her vulnerability.

A state of sorrow prevails over the place for the victim. According to his colleagues, he worked hard to support his family in Syria and was always helpful and supportive to refugees.

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