Black and Muslim women suffer the most
Study shows that the racism train reached the health sector station in Germany

A recent study revealed that racism and discrimination against minorities has reached the level of the health sector in Germany, indicating that Muslim, Asian and dark-skinned women are the most exposed to racial discrimination when they need to receive medical care.

The study conducted by the Observatory on Discrimination and Racism in Germany, known as NaDiRa, stated that many participants were exposed to racial discrimination during their treatment, which had a negative impact on their health, according to the “Amal, Berlin!” website.

The study reported that more than one out of every three people who participated in the study confirmed that they changed doctors because their complaints were not taken seriously.

The study showed that women face more negative experiences than men, noting that 39% of dark-skinned women, 35% of Muslim women, and 29% of Asian women reported being exposed to discrimination and racism when they needed to receive medical care in the country.

Recent studies indicate that Germany suffers from a continuous decrease in the number of doctors wishing to work in rural areas, which affects the medical care provided there and exacerbates the problem of racial discrimination.

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