Germany Will Not Pressure Ukrainian Refugees to Return to Their Country

The Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, Svenja Schulze, has stated that Germany is not pressuring Ukrainian refugees to return to their country. In fact, Germany is leaving the decision to stay or return to their homeland entirely up to the individuals themselves. Minister Schulze emphasized, “It remains the individual decision of the Ukrainians who sought refuge with us whether and when they want to return to their homeland.” Importantly, Germany is not exerting any pressure or offering any financial incentives to encourage their return.

Schulze urged Ukraine to acknowledge professional qualifications from EU countries, considering the severe shortage of skilled workers. She emphasized that Ukrainian refugees who have earned professional credentials in EU countries could help alleviate the skilled worker crisis in Ukraine.

Schulze stated that the shortage of skilled workers in Ukraine will be addressed at the upcoming Recovery Conference, organized by the Skilled Workers Alliance. She noted that Ukraine currently does not automatically recognize qualifications obtained by Ukrainians in EU countries, which will be a key topic of discussion.

The Ukraine Recovery Conference will take place this week in Berlin, with 2,000 participants. Its aim is to connect business, community actors, and local authorities. The conference will also witness the conclusion of support agreements between Ukraine and Germany.

In his evening speech, Ukrainian President Zelensky announced that Ukraine is preparing to finalize new agreements with European partners for additional support. Meanwhile, the World Bank urged Ukraine to persist with economic reforms, praising the country’s commitment to tax, customs, and logistics reform despite the ongoing war. The World Bank has allocated a substantial budget of 42 billion euros to support these efforts.


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